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7278Re: [NH] HTML Text Editors

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  • Axel Berger
    Dec 15, 2012
      cmark50 wrote:
      > It seems that my biggest problem is that I do not have a good
      > working handle on how to use a text editor.

      I suggest it's not. If you come from word processors, the big change is
      not how to do things but what to do. An editor can ONLY work on simple
      pure and and primitive text. What you see is all you get, there are no
      hidden features. Now you probably say what do I mean, "hidden"? If some
      words in a word processor are large and bold you can see they are. Now
      go and type an "a" in the middle there. The key you press is just "a", a
      normal a like any other a, but what you get will be a large and bold a.
      Why? That's just what's in there somehow, but hidden from you.

      When editing HTML (just as an example) you don't want a bold letter in
      your editing window, you want your reader in his browser to have it -
      and what's more, your "bold and large" is just a suggestion anyway, the
      reader and his browser settings decide, if they want to follow it or

      So what you do is type "<BIG><B>a</B><BIG>". If you mistyped and need to
      add a forgotten letter, there's no ambiguity whatever whether you type
      it inside the big an bold area or outside it, in word precessors there
      is. You may have two big bold words and a normal space between them
      without ever being able to see that.

      So there you are. you don't need anything, no "bold" icon to click on or
      anything else. Everything that can be inside an editor at all can be
      typed right there on the keyboard. So why NoteTab and not plain Notpad?
      Well after a while typing "<BIG><B></B><BIG>" all the time will become a
      hassle and a bore and you'll wish someone were to do it for you. This is
      where the good editor comes in. Rather than wasting time watching silly
      videos it's usually easier to let it grow on you and find out about one
      feature at a time.

      This does not answer the question you asked, I'm aware of that, but it's
      the best I can do right now.

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