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  • John Shotsky
    Nov 27, 2012
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      I worked on it until I ran into issues that I couldn't solve with NoteTab clips. I contacted the developer to see about
      adding more support, but he wasn't interested. So, I dropped it in favor of another technique that I developed.
      Essentially, I built a set of tags to automatically tag everything in a document, (with manual tags as needed) and use
      those tags to create the html, again through clips. No need for universal support, and I can add tags any time I need
      them. I run Calibre through NoteTab to convert the html to ebooks as well.
      You can see some of my html files at:

      RecipeTools Web Site: <http://recipetools.gotdns.com/> http://recipetools.gotdns.com/

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      Subject: [NH] Markdown

      I have recently become aware of Markdown, a technique/conversion program
      to make it easier to write in plaintext and convert to HTML.


      I wonder if it would be too hard to add support to it (perhaps even
      built-in support, as opposed to calling an external program) to Notetab?

      What about replicating the Markdown functionality in a clip?

      Has someone been working on this?


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