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7253Re: [NH] How do I get HTML to show up as plain text in a web page

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  • Greg Chapman
    Nov 7, 2012
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      Hi Mike,

      On 07 Nov 12 19:58 Mike Breiding - Morgantown WV
      <mike@...> said:
      > I want this HTML to show up as plain text, not a link, in a web page
      > How
      > do I do that?
      > <p class="date"><strong><a
      > href='http://epicroadtrips.us/2010/mich-ont/d1/' target="_blank"
      > title="Friday, June 11">Friday, June 11</a></strong></p>

      Remove the link! Or am I missunderstanding what you meant by "plain

      Perhaps, what you seek is a "a.plain" rule that over-rides the colour
      and underlining defaults for a link?

      Incidentally, why doesn't your CSS for p.date include a rule to give
      you the <strong> effect>. Then you can dispense with the code bloat in
      the HTML.

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