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7225NoteTab 7.1 slipstream update

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  • Eric Fookes
    Oct 18, 2012
      Hi everyone,

      As is often the case after an important new update, several minor issues
      were found:

      * Fixed syntax highlighting issues in NoteTab Pro that affected some XML

      * Fixed a display issue in NoteTab Pro that occasionally occurred with
      the View|Line Numbers feature.

      * ^$GetCrcFile and ^$GetCrcText now use the more common CRC32-CCITT
      algorithm to produce the CRC32 signature value.

      These issues have now been fixed in a slipstream update (v7.1.0.40)
      dated October 18, 2012. As always, I recommend that you upgrade your
      version 7 to this latest maintenance release.

      If you have the paid edition of version 7, simply download the
      slipstream update through NoteTab's "Check for Updates" feature, which
      is available from the Help menu.

      You can download NoteTab Light and NoteTab Trial from this page:



      Eric Fookes