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7216Notetab refuses to perform edits on this .html file

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  • stitch.happy
    Oct 9, 2012
      I'm just getting my feet wet with using NoteTab to edit .html docs.

      I made a local copy of this web page:


      (Firefox: File >Save As , web page complete)

      I then opened the file with NoteTab Pro 7.1 and no matter what I do to the file, I can't seem to perform edits. Can't delete, insert, paste... nothing. Nothing happens on the screen.

      I can edit other html files, just not this one.

      I tried this in NoteTab Pro 6.2 and the same thing happens... can't edit this one, but can edit others.

      I can even have other html files open in other tabs and can edit them, just not this file.

      Hard to get started when I immediately ran into this brick wall. This is the very first html file I tried to edit. What am I missing?

      Thank for your help.

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