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  • John Shotsky
    Aug 19, 2012
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      There are tags that have been deprecated, and others that have been added. A key difference is that there are different
      rules for authors (web page designers) and user agents (browsers). So, while your code may not validate, it will still
      work in browsers, which are mandated to support the transition. I converted my web pages (most of them) by making sure I
      wasn't using any old-style tags and made whole new headers for my pages. You can create a template after you have one
      page working that you can copy to the others. You will find that your div/class/id tags may be different � html5 stesses
      id, while previously it was not used as much. You can read about the differences here
      <http://www.w3.org/TR/2012/WD-html5-diff-20120329/> :

      I converted because I wanted to get it out of my way before I built any more of my web pages, and so I would be able to
      take advantage of some of the newer technology, such as no longer needing Flash to display movies. I knew I would
      eventually have to do it, so I got it out of the earlier, rather than later.

      For anyone wanting some good boilerplate for mobile responsive html5, I recommend Skeleton: (Try resizing those pages!)
      If you 'View Source' on that page, you will see the multiple-browser version support implementation. That is a key to
      supporting older browsers that don't support all features directly. I didn't start with Skeleton, but I'm thinking I
      might convert again, just so that all my pages are mobile friendly without having to have multiple versions of web

      I looked at html5 boilerplate at length, and finally found it to be too complex for my needs. However, it is full of
      tricks to do things, so it is useful as a code reference at times.

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      Adrien Verlee wrote:
      > > <!--[if gt IE 8]><html class="no-js" lang="en"><![endif]-->
      >This is better.
      >Did not dare to touch it because I was uncertain ... and still do not.
      >Because it's weird, right? They provide a template and with the first
      >lines they go wrong?

      It was HTML5Boilerplate that created that? Sorry, don't know anything
      about the site, first time I've heard of it. But if they did this I'd
      be wary, sure.

      I'm not that read up about HTML5 yet, but as Marcelo I don't think
      you would need to change much, if anything, if you had valid (X)HTML
      Strict before. If it is Transitional, more work, but I don't see how
      converting Transitional to Strict could be done automatically in a
      usable way. If you have Strict now, have you tried just slopping the
      HTML5 doctype on and see what the validator thinks?


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