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7198Re: [NH] HTML Tidy and HTML5

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    Aug 5, 2012
      Interviewed by CNN on 05/08/2012 15:51, Adrien Verlee told the world:
      > Op 5/08/2012 20:35, Marcelo Bastos schreef:
      >> http://www.broerse.net/wordpress/2012/04/28/tidy-html5/
      > That webpage seems to be a security risk, it is blocked by Microsoft
      > Security Essentials

      You're right, I checked and Google Safe Browsing gives a warning too,
      but the full diagnostic page is a bit ambivalent about it:


      I didn't notice any problems, but then, I have NoScript blocking most
      scripts... Avast didn't complain either. I think they got hacked at some
      point in the past and some script was trying to install malware. Perhaps
      it's fixed now and the site just wasn't cleared from the blacklists
      yet. It's probably a bad idea to visit it with vanilla Internet
      Explorer, particularly older version, anyway.

      But the Tidy binary itself seems to be OK; I uploaded it to Virustotal
      and it got a totally clean bill of health -- 0 alerts from 40 antivirus


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