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7111Pre-release #4 of NoteTab 7.0 available

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  • Eric Fookes
    Apr 14, 2012
      Hi everyone,

      Thanks again for all your feedback so far. I've tried my best to fix all
      the reported issues. You can now download the latest pre-release of
      NoteTab Light and NoteTab Pro Trial version 7.0:

      NoteTab Light 7 (freeware)

      NoteTab Pro 7 (30-day trial version)

      Here's a list of the main changes since pre-release #3:

      * Brand new program icon (hope you like it). NTL, NTS, and NTP each have
      their distinctive color.

      * NTP: Added easy-on-the-eyes CSS syntax highlighting.

      * NTP: Improved HTML syntax highlighting, notably in pages that contain
      PHP, ASP, and Javascript code.

      * Improved the Strip HTML Tags feature with better handling of documents
      that contain PHP, ASP, and Javascript code.

      I've used a new method for the syntax highlighting in HTML and CSS
      documents. The challenge was to sacrifice as little performance as
      possible while making it more reliable, especially in documents that
      contain PHP, ASP, and Javascript code.

      The difficulty in developing this new method was to ensure that the
      syntax highlighting remains always synchronized while editing the code.
      Although I've spent hours testing, there may be certain processes that
      will create highlighting errors. If you discover such an issue, please
      provide instructions so that I can reproduce it at my end.

      Note that at this stage I am not planning on adding more new features --
      otherwise v7 will never launch <g>. But I will continue to fix bugs that
      you report, or at least try.

      I look forward to reading your comments and feedback.


      Eric Fookes
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