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7060Re: [NH] An annoying 'feature'

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  • Axel Berger
    Feb 1, 2012
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      bruce.somers@... wrote:
      > How do I do that? I tried specifying a Western European Code Page
      > in the Open-dialog without effect.

      It ought to work just like that. However I too found NoteTab to behave
      idiosyncratically since the introduction of its limited UTF capabilities
      and it often does not do what I expect it to. Try "UTF-8 no conversion"
      and remove the read-only setting.

      > Format:Mac How can that come about?

      Easy. All text files consist of bytes 32 to 255 plus some extra. There
      is no way to find out what the bytes above 128 are supposed to mean, you
      have to guess. As ever it's easy to guess wrong. I'd guess you've
      somehow inserted one byte, that's very rare in ANSI but a frequently
      used character in Mac and that toggled NoteTab's heuristic.


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