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7056RE: [NH] An annoying 'feature'

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  • John Shotsky
    Jan 31, 2012
      I never work on the master copy of a file. I always copy it and paste it into a new document, which has the effect of saving the document in the exact form you have selected for saving files. That means my process fixes some problems like incorrect CR's in the file. It also means I always have my master document, in case I want/need to start over. I have the pro version, with unlimited backups, but sometimes, it is just necessary to start over. The .bak file often has a usable backup, but the original is ALWAYS correct.

      I would NOT want any confirmation on any commands. I HATE confirmations, and defeat them whenever possible. My reasoning is simple – if I give a command, I expect it to do what I tell it to do without asking me if I'm sure. I do, however, have the undo set to undo past saves, so I can backstep through saved changes, if necessary. Usually, that's just so I can see the order in which things happened.

      All that said, there appears to be something else going on here. It would be nearly impossible to hit some of those shortcuts accidentally. I would look at your document saving setup, code pages, and anything else that can affect your 'plain text' files.

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      >> Are you sure NoteTab didn't make a copy of your original file with the same name but an extension of html? Depending what you did that can happen, and it would explain why undo is not available to you.
      >> john

      No, there is only the .txt-file .

      But things have gotten worse. The txt-file was ok when I terminated Notetab last night, but now it has some peculiar encoding. Nothing is readable. The .bak-file is also corrupted.

      Too much occurs without a request for user confirmation!


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