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7037Re: [NH] Markdown Library Script

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  • Sheri
    Nov 19, 2011
      --- In ntb-html@yahoogroups.com, Axel Berger <Axel-Berger@...> wrote:
      > lorellevanfossen wrote:
      > > I thought there was a clip or library for converting markdown to
      > > HTML. I've searched through everything and come up empty.
      > That script is part of Markdown itself, Unfortunately it's
      > written in Perl, requires Perl 5.6.0 and up, and can be used
      > in Movable Type, in Blosxom, and in BBedit but not in
      > Notetab.

      What?! That's exactly the purpose of the ^!RunPerl clip command.

      Use ^$GetShort(path to markdown.pl)$ to get a file name you can use with ^!RunPerl.

      ^!RunPerl applies the specified perl script to the highlighted portion of the current document, or the whole document if there is no highlight.

      Obviously you need to have Perl in order to use ^!RunPerl. If you've never used the command before, it will prompt you to browse to your perl.exe file.

      Been awhile since I updated my perl, but it was installed from ActiveState and I have version 5.10.

      Just downloaded and tried markdown.pl from a NoteTab clip and it worked fine on one of the sample texts from its web site.

      If you have any perl scripts you want to run via clip without applying to text in the current document, you can use ^$GetDosOutput$ (or possibly ^$GetOutput$) to run a perl command line. Just be sure to first use ^$GetShort$ on any file names needed in the command line.

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