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6996Re: [NH] Use of "content" CSS elements in IE

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  • brother.gabriel
    Mar 31, 2011
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      Well, I can understand IE not wanting to be compatible with the world, but pseudo-elements are CSS2 - old news, nothing new-fangled. Thanks for the reminder!

      --- In ntb-html@yahoogroups.com, Axel Berger <Axel-Berger@...> wrote:
      > "brother.gabriel" wrote:
      > > won't display in IE7.
      > > Is this for real, or is there a way to make it work?
      > It is, neither before nor after nor content are supported. For things
      > like that I recommend the excellent tables by Peter Paul Koch at
      > http://www.quirksmode.org/compatibility.html
      > Being lazy and a bit of a compatibility nut, my solution is to stay well
      > clear of all those newfangled inventions and stick to tradition. If you
      > do fancy all the newest and greatest then you're in for a lot of testing
      > and workarounds. PPK's comprehensive tables are invaluable then.
      > Axel
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