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6985Re: [NH] Use Of target="_blank"

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  • Scott Fordin
    Mar 27, 2011
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      FWIW, I think that, in most cases, you don't want to open links in new
      windows for many of the reasons already mentioned here. For example, I
      know the style guidelines for all external Sun Microsystems (let's take
      a moment here to shed a tear) Web sites specifically prohibited spawning
      new windows except in relatively rare circumstances.

      There are times, however, when it's appropriate to spawn new windows
      when you want to provide additional information about a topic or product
      without losing the initial context. Examples here include, say, an
      online help system, or individual photos in a gallery, or a page that
      compares a series of products, or a link to a PDF coupon, or a link that
      takes you to another Web site in an entirely different domain.

      All this said, I think it's much, much better to use a specifically
      named target window rather than _blank, so you're at least not rudely
      spawning a gazillion windows, and it also becomes possible to create a
      history trail in the spawned window. In short, I think _blank is evil,
      but specifically named targets can be quite useful.

      Finally, you could also use some sort of hover-based pop-up for certain
      kinds of content, but that can lead to all sorts of browser, platform,
      and accessibility issues. For example, hover-based pop-ups are not so
      great on mobile phones, and they're really bad if your users rely on
      screen reading add-ons.


      On 3/27/2011 1:01 AM, loro wrote:
      > Ray wrote:
      > >Can SSI and a modification of the script at
      > >http://fdp.berger-odenthal.de/base/fix-menue.js keep the nav bar in view
      > >when the user scrolls down the page?
      > Includes don't do anything more than glue the content of files
      > together before the page is served, like a server-side Find &
      > Replace, you could say, only it isn't permanent, the physical files
      > aren't changed.
      > I think you are looking for 'position: fixed' (that isn't supported
      > by older versions of IE, but there are workarounds).
      > http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS2/visuren.html#propdef-position
      > Lotta
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