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6983Re: [NH] Use Of target="_blank"!!

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  • Axel Berger
    Mar 27, 2011
      Michael Rawley wrote:
      > I am, of course, refering to the command 'Ctrl-D'.
      > Try it on half a dozen dummy files first!

      You're right of course! I have done that quite a few times and I
      forewent the trial. But you will admit, I think, that editing one file -
      there will ususally be more than change, even moving something is one
      deletion plus one entry - is quite different from converting each step
      into a replace command (find the right and only the right place) or a

      Anyway, I have a prepared clip for just that, where you only need to add
      the specific task at hand. N.B: Defeintely try this out on dummy files
      in a dummy folder first.

      Beware of long lines

      ; Adapt this part to the task in hand
      ^!Set %varFIL%="F:\Webspace\index.php"
      ^!Set %varPAT%="*.htm;*.php"
      ; End of invidual adaptation

      ^!SetWizardLabel "Please define the files to be converted"
      ;^!SetDebug On
      ^!Set %varFIL%=^?{(T=O;F="Source
      file=^%varFIL%}; %varSDR%=^?{(T=L)Include Subdirectories?==_Yes|No};
      %varPAT%=^?{Search Pattern=^%varPAT%}
      ^!Set %varPTH%=^$GetPath(^%varFIL%)$
      ^!If "^%varSDR%"="Yes" yessub ELSE nosub
      ^!Set %varFIL%=^$GetFileFirst("+^%varPTH%";"^%varPAT%")$
      ^!Goto loop
      ^!Set %varFIL%=^$GetFileFirst("^%varPTH%";"^%varPAT%")$
      ^!IfTrue ^$IsEmpty(^%varFIL%)$ finished
      ;^!Continue ^%varFIL%
      ^!Open "^%varFIL%"

      ; Adapt this part to the task in hand

      ^!Replace "http://www.w3.org/Icons/valid-html401" >>
      "http://berger-odenthal.de/pics/valid-html401.png" WAS
      ^!Replace "http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/images/vcss" >>
      "http://berger-odenthal.de/pics/vcss.png" WAS

      ;^!Replace "//EN"> <" >> "//EN"^P
      "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">^P<" WAS

      ; End of invidual adaptation

      ^!Close ALL,SAVE
      ^!Set %varFIL%=^$GetFileNext$
      ^!Goto loop

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