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6981Re: [NH] Use Of target="_blank"

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  • Ray Shapp
    Mar 26, 2011
      Hi Axel, Lotta, Mike,

      This is just to let you know I haven't gone away. I've spent the whole day
      trying to learn the lessons contained in Axel's great tutorial at
      http://axel.berger-odenthal.de/Webdesign/Testpage.htm# and to consider
      carefully what you folks have said in your messages.

      So far, I have successfully tested my first web page using SSI. I discovered
      it was failing because Apache requires a file extension like ".shtm". After
      fixing that, I was able to confirm that the hosting service for the club's
      website does act on SSI directives, but a site for classic car restorations
      (at a different hosting service) which I also maintain does not. It merely
      renders the SSI as text. That's OK for now because it's the club's site that
      I want to modify to eliminate the use of frames.

      I also placed a German dictionary in my bookmarks, and I had fun trying to
      understand some of the comments linked from
      http://axel.berger-odenthal.de/BTW, Axel, you appear much younger than
      I had imagined (assuming that is not
      a very old photo of you).

      Most of what I have seen today is quite daunting because it's new to me. A
      basic question before I go much farther though: my main nav bar in the
      redesigned website will be along the top of the page. Can SSI and a
      modification of the script at
      http://fdp.berger-odenthal.de/base/fix-menue.js keep the nav bar in view
      when the user scrolls down the page?

      If this discussion does nothing else, it will definitely reduce the number
      of instances where I use target="_blank". On the other hand, I have special
      audiences for both the club website and the classic car website. In the
      first case, the majority of users do need extra hand-holding. Most don't
      know about the drop-down window on the Back button, and they don't want to
      learn about it. We have a wide range of ages in the club, but the modal
      member is probably 55 to 60 years of age. The important audience on the
      classic cars website is special because the content of the site is mostly
      about rare vehicles. For example, users who want to know about 1918 Cadillac
      laundry trucks will want to stay on our site because the internet doesn't
      offer many other places to see that kind of vehicle. The site is also
      special because car enthusiasts tend to be unfamiliar with web navigation.
      It was after speaking with a number of visitors that we realized many of
      them were not scrolling vertically. In response, we placed a large white
      downward-pointing arrow labeled "more below" on the Home page. All our
      thumbnails are accompanied by a hint indicating that a click on the picture
      will display a larger version. Otherwise many visitors will miss important

      I need to take my first break all day now to get something to eat, but I'll
      be back later. I really like working with this stuff. Thank you all!

      Ray Shapp

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