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6975Re: [NH] Use Of target="_blank"

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  • loro
    Mar 26, 2011
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      At 15:55 2011-03-26, Ray Shapp wrote:
      >About half of the members of the club for which I maintain a website have
      >very limited computer skills. The kind of backtracking I described above
      >would be very discouraging to them.

      That's a little like saying that if half the population in a country
      are analphabets and find books discouraging, there should be no
      books. Or if only half can drive a car, no one should drive. Isn't
      that taking democracy too far?

      I don't think that protecting those members from learning is doing
      them a favour in the long run. It isn't brain surgery, doesn't take
      any special computer skills. A monkey can learn to press down a key
      to get something it wants. It's more a matter of habits that are a
      little hard do break, I think. When this new window business started
      people went berserk because it wasn't the expected behaviour (and it
      was rude too!). Now some people are so used to it they think things
      aren't working if it isn't there. No big deal.

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