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6974Re: [NH] Use Of target="_blank"

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  • loro
    Mar 26 12:10 PM
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      Ray wrote:
      >Thank you for your insights. What do you say to the problem that annoys me
      >about sites that don't provide easy links to backtrack?

      I say you should learn how to open new windows yourself, if that's
      what you want. And as I hinted at earlier, you would probably have
      done se long ago if it hadn't become almost a rule for sites to force
      new windows for external links. What is the saying? Something like
      "With freedom comes responsibility". If you want freedom of choice
      you have to be prepared to make the choices. Maybe you have to be
      prepared to make them so other people can have freedom of choice even
      in the cases you don't personally see the need for it.

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