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6969Re: [NH] Use Of target="_blank"

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  • Ray Shapp
    Mar 26, 2011
      Hi Axel,

      Thank you for your reply. I've read it all several times and will have
      questions about other parts later, but my experience in following your
      recommended reference at
      http://www.minervation.com/index.aspx?o=1149&newsitem=1812 illustrates the
      problem I want to avoid on my site. After reading the article, I clicked on
      the Google map link on their About Us page. After viewing the map, I clicked
      on a link to Google news. I read a few news articles and followed a link
      from one of the news sites and followed another link from that resulting
      site. Then I wanted to return to your reference. After mashing the Backspace
      key half a dozen times, I abandoned the backtracking and returned to your
      message in my mail client instead. My return to your reference would have
      been so much more convenient if their Google map link had spawned a new tab
      in my browser.

      About half of the members of the club for which I maintain a website have
      very limited computer skills. The kind of backtracking I described above
      would be very discouraging to them. Yes, it is true that my use of the
      target attribute "breaks" the back button, but I think I provide a more
      beneficial experience when the user finds that the original page is still
      there after he/she is done with all the linking around the web.

      I'm not sure how to implement your function gross() script, but, if it will
      keep my nav bar in view as the user opens various pages on our site, then I
      will not need to use the target attribute. You mentioned the script in your
      paragraph that begins with a comment about server side includes. Does that
      mean your script should go into the cgi-bin folder on the hosting site or is
      it enough to post your script in a comment near the top of my HTML pages?
      IOW, how do I invoke the script on my web pages? For example, I tried to
      test SSI with a simple web page at:


      I expected it to output a list of variables, but it merely displays "Hello".

      Ray Shapp

      On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 6:00 AM, Axel Berger <Axel-Berger@...> wrote:

      > Ray Shapp wrote:
      > > I recall some folks advocated strongly,
      > That must have been me among others, doesn't take much to set me off in
      > a rant on that subject.
      > Three reasons
      > 1) It doesn't validate (though Lotta says that will change in HTML 5).
      > 2) It is my computer and my browser and I decide when and when not to
      > open tabs and windows. See:
      > http://www.minervation.com/index.aspx?o=1149&newsitem=1812
      > http://www.useit.com/alertbox/990530.html
      > 3) Perhaps most important and worst: It breaks the back-button.
      > This also goes for non-browser files. I forbid my Acrobat to sit inside
      > a browser window, so whenever someone makes a PDF link with
      > target="_blank" I will get an EMPTY tab. It is better to add the
      > following to your .htaccess:
      > <FilesMatch "\.(pdf|mp3)$">
      > Header add Content-Disposition "Attachment"
      > </FilesMatch>
      > One last related point. It is good to add
      > <BASE TARGET="_top">
      > to your <HEAD>. This prevents others from opening your page in a frame
      > of their frameset thus hiding the source and claiming your work as their
      > own.
      > And one very last:
      > > Currently, the site uses frames, therefore, the main
      > > navigation links can always be visible.
      > If you have not done so already take a look at server side includes. You
      > might also adopt a little script of mine. It checks whether the window
      > is wide enough to prevent horizontal scrolling and high enough to take
      > all the menu and if both conditions are satisfied it makes the menu
      > fixed. Thus it will always be there and people who have scrolled down
      > several pages need not go back up again to find it. (Your current frames
      > do that already.)
      > http://fdp.berger-odenthal.de/base/fix-menue.js
      > (Forget the "unten" bit. You'll also see a bit of bad style in there. In
      > the spirit of semantic markup I ought to have used <DIV ID="menu"> and
      > not <DIV ID="left">.)
      > Axel

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