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6966Re: [NH] Use Of target="_blank"

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  • Ray Shapp
    Mar 26, 2011
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      Hi Lotta,

      Thank you for your insights. What do you say to the problem that annoys me
      about sites that don't provide easy links to backtrack? IOW, I have visited
      sites where I have clicked seven or eight windows deep and then want to go
      back to say the third or fourth window. Yes, I can hit backspace four times.
      That has happened often enough so that now, when I am visiting an
      unfamiliar site I often shift-click to each successive window so that I
      don't "get lost" in backtracking.

      Maybe I'm glum because winter has returned to the northeast U.S. and sunrise
      is still hours away.

      Ray Shapp

      On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 4:15 AM, loro <tabbie@...> wrote:

      > Ray Shapp wrote:
      > >Please tell me your opinion about using target="_blank" in hyperlinks.
      > >
      > >Well over a year ago, this topic was discussed on this Y! group or on
      > >ntb-clips. I recall some folks advocated strongly, but I don't remember
      > what
      > >the arguments were in favor or against.
      > I think it boils down to three main points.
      > 1. It's bad practice, or at least redundant, to recreate behaviour
      > that every browser has built in. Back button, go to top and bottom of
      > the page, open a link in a new window...
      > 2. It's definitely bad practice to force something on users that they
      > may not want. If links are left alone they can be opened in new
      > windows or not at will. If you use target="_blank." you take away the
      > user's power of choice.
      > 3. It's said to be troublesome for people who use screen readers.
      > That said, the darn thing is back in HTML5, so there goes some 10
      > years of work to get rid of it down the drain. But the points above
      > still apply and more and more sites stop doing it, even big ones.
      > The sad thing is that people have gotten so used to off-site links
      > opening in a new window that they sometimes complain when they don't.
      > When informed about Shift-click, middle-click and what other ways
      > there are to do this yourself, it often turns out they had no idea
      > they could do that, at least not that they could do it easily without
      > using the context menu. The same way as many people don't know they
      > can change the text size even if there isn't a widget on the site or
      > make lines have a more comfortable length by resizing their browser
      > window (if the site doesn't make those things impossible). I believe
      > many more would know how to use their browser if sites hadn't made it
      > so hard at times. You try once or twice, it doesn't work, you forget about
      > it.
      > As usual, it's a mess. But today it's spring outside, so who cares
      > about web messes? Not me when the sun is shining at last! ;-)
      > Lotta

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