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6957RE: [NH] Question about special characters being replaced with '?' in HTML documents

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  • John Shotsky
    Feb 3, 2011
      Yes, of course it could be a character set problem - I never said it couldn't be. But my suspicion is that it really is
      a Unicode problem. NoteTab is very unreliable when working with Unicode. I can tell, if I have access to one of the
      original files, not saved by NoteTab. Once saved, the question marks are saved in place of the characters in question.

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      John Shotsky wrote:
      > But since your problem is with lower-order ASCII characters,
      > I suspect it is Unicode.

      Beg to differ. I'm sure it's not the standard ASCII double quotes right
      there on the keyboard but the typographic ones higher up in the charset.
      I'd say when you paste into an existing document, that document already
      has its encoding set, and if pasted characters don't exist in it, that's
      it. A new document can still adapt itself.

      Whatever it is, the existing document and the one the new text is copied
      from are in some way incompatible.


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