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6944Dragon Naturally Speaking for Writing Web Pages

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    Dec 5, 2010
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      Hi Folks

      I have written webpages for many years in NoteTab using the old
      fashioned, and for me very slow, keyboarding way.

      The last time I used dictation software was more than a dozen years
      ago with experimental software, I believe from HP and Microsoft. It
      worked fairly well but was slow and required distinct pauses between
      words; and it soon disappeared.

      Recently I picked up a copy of DNS Home Version 11 on sale and have
      been diligently training it, to the point that it is far faster than
      my typing -- even after making any corrections to the dictated output.

      The next logical (?) step is to use it with NoteTab when I am adding
      information to webpages. I have tested DNS with NTB and they work fine
      together for the dictation of words and copying, pasting, closing
      tabs, etc..

      The more complex XHTML and CSS coding will still be
      typed/copied/pasted, but the majority of my coding is simple stuff --
      like codes for paragraphs and breaks and bold, underline, etc.

      Incorporating simple codes like that into Dragon's custom vocabulary
      will not be rocket science. Before I do that, I wondered whether
      anyone here had already developed a standardized vocabulary with DNS
      for dictating simple html codes.

      Thanks for any advice.

      Steve -- in Thunder Bay, Ontario
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