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6923Re: [NH] Editing web pages online

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  • Greg Chapman
    Nov 19, 2010
      Hi Mike,

      On 19 Nov 10 14:03 Mike Breiding - Morgantown WV
      <mike@...> said:
      > This goes beyond what I can expect from the individual who is
      > providing the captions. They want to add captions "live" while
      > viewing the web page.

      Always a dangerous approach, if you ask me. Where is your local
      backup, if the page is being edited from another location by another

      It's got to be better to give them a copy of the files. They can then
      edit and save locally and then upload. At least you have an off-site
      backup that way.

      Something like KompoZer ( http://www.kompozer.net ) is an excellent
      WYSIWYG editor, for helpers who are not too technical, although its
      publishing module is rather broken, so most on the KompoZer forum (
      http://wysifauthoring.informe.com/forum/ ) recommend FileZilla or
      FireFTP (a Firefox extension) for uploading the files.

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