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6905Re: [NH] NoteTab Pro and TopStyle

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  • Alec Burgess
    Sep 18, 2010
      Larry (and others -cc ntb-linux )
      Someone else commented that integration worked up to version 3.x of
      Googling [old version topstyle] One of the top results is:

      Download *Topstyle* Lite (Free) -
      <http://filepig.org/download/topstyle_lite/>Latest Version *TopStyle* Lite
      3.5. *Older Versions* *...* *TopStyle* contains powerful tools for building
      standards-compliant web sites -

      I didn't complete the download but the links to it appear to work. Might be
      worth a try - not sure whether TopStyle Light with whatever its restrictions
      will satisfy OP's requirements?

      Regards ... Alec

      On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 16:44, Lawrence <lmh@...> wrote:

      > Is anyone using TopStyle with NoteTab? NoteTab is supposed to work with
      > TopStyle.
      > I am trying to help someone on the ntb-Linux list figure out the problems
      > with integration between NoteTab Pro and TopStyle using Wine.
      > I am waiting to see what version of TopStyle he has.
      > I downloaded the trial version of TopStyle 4 and it does not appear to have
      > the integration features implemented so that NoteTab will talk to it. I
      > tried this out using WinXP in VirtualBox. NOTE: I am using the trial version
      > of NoteTab in this environment, as I have not configured it to see the
      > location of my downloads & setup files to install the full version of
      > NoteTab. This might also be part of the problem. I will be rectifying that
      > shortly.
      > I went with WinXP, since Wine runs like WinXP by default. If I can't get it
      > to work on WinXP, then I know it won't work using Wine.
      > Unfortunately, TopStyle is $80, so if it requires the full version, then I
      > won't be able to help beyond suggestions.
      > I know that TopStyle was sold to a new company a year or so ago, so perhaps
      > the new company is no longer supporting the way NoteTab communicates with
      > it. I see no mention of NoteTab on their website or in the help file.
      > The only thing I can suggest right now is to configure the Custom Launch
      > option, but that if very limited, compared to the integration and TopStyle
      > specific Clip commands and the Top Style toolbar included with NoteTab.

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