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6900Re: [NH] NoteTab Pro and TopStyle

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Sep 18, 2010
      On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 5:02 PM, Greg Chapman <gregchapmanuk@...>wrote:

      > Hi Larry,
      > On 18 Sep 10 21:44 "Lawrence" <lmh@...> said:
      > > Is anyone using TopStyle with NoteTab? NoteTab is supposed to work
      > > with TopStyle.
      > I have a copy of Topstyle Pro 2.5. That's from 2002, before TopStyle
      > included it's own HTML Editor (v3.0). I do not have it installed on
      > my new (Win7) machine yet. If installing something that old will help
      > you, let me know.
      > I have clicked the "TopStyle Home Page" and "Download Topstyle" links
      > in the NoteTab library and they both go to two different other program
      > pages. :-(
      > Greg

      Thanks, Greg.

      Bradsoft sold TopStyle to another company about a year or so ago, from what
      I found online.

      The link for the new owner of TopStyle is: http://www.topstyle4.com/

      Here is what I just posted to the ntb-linux list:

      I got the full version of NoteTab Pro 6.2/fv installed on my WinXP in
      VirtualBox on Ubuntu. When I try to run any of the TopStyle clips, I get an
      "error" message. This is with TopStyle trial mode (unregistered).

      This message is the same as with the Trial version: "This Clip
      require's Bradsoft's TopStyle CSS editor, version 1.51 or later. Click OK to
      visit Bradsoft's web site for more
      information about TopStyle, or click Cancel to abort."

      My hunch is that newer version(s) of TopStyle no longer offer the
      integration hooks that allowed Eric to include support in NoteTab, this was
      back with NoteTab 4.8. Perhaps Eric can shed some light on this.

      Out of curiosity, I downloaded CSEHTML Validator 10.0003 Trial and it works
      with NoteTab as advertised in WinXP. The free lite version since 6.5
      supports NoteTab integration. I uninstalled the Trial version and Installed
      the lite version, 10.00.10. The main difference is that the full version of
      CSE can do accessiblity and other types of validation. I will also check it
      on Linux.

      I also checked Tidy and it still works, which I knew already, but for
      completeness related to the ntb-HTML list. FYI - The 32-bit Windows version
      is here: http://www.paehl.com/open_source/?HTML_Tidy_for_Windows and the
      64-bit windows version is here: http://int64.org/projects/tidy-binaries. For
      both, you want the EXE, not the DLL. I will also check it on Linux.

      ~ Larry

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