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6898NoteTab Pro and TopStyle

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  • Lawrence
    Sep 18, 2010
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      Is anyone using TopStyle with NoteTab? NoteTab is supposed to work with TopStyle.

      I am trying to help someone on the ntb-Linux list figure out the problems with integration between NoteTab Pro and TopStyle using Wine.

      I am waiting to see what version of TopStyle he has.

      I downloaded the trial version of TopStyle 4 and it does not appear to have the integration features implemented so that NoteTab will talk to it. I tried this out using WinXP in VirtualBox. NOTE: I am using the trial version of NoteTab in this environment, as I have not configured it to see the location of my downloads & setup files to install the full version of NoteTab. This might also be part of the problem. I will be rectifying that shortly.

      I went with WinXP, since Wine runs like WinXP by default. If I can't get it to work on WinXP, then I know it won't work using Wine.

      Unfortunately, TopStyle is $80, so if it requires the full version, then I won't be able to help beyond suggestions.

      I know that TopStyle was sold to a new company a year or so ago, so perhaps the new company is no longer supporting the way NoteTab communicates with it. I see no mention of NoteTab on their website or in the help file.

      The only thing I can suggest right now is to configure the Custom Launch option, but that if very limited, compared to the integration and TopStyle specific Clip commands and the Top Style toolbar included with NoteTab.

      Eric - If you see this, can you give us any insight?


      ~ Larry
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