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6879Re: [NH] A Tags INOP in MSIE, But OK in Firefox

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  • Axel Berger
    Jun 8, 2010
      Mick Housel wrote:
      > To me, that includes not assuming that the end user knows
      > anything other than point and click and there's more of those
      > out there than you might realize.

      That is exactly my point. and it leads directly to "Do not break the
      back button." This button is the inexperienced user's main help line and
      he relies on it the more, the less experienced he is. Without that the
      net loses a lot of its basic useability.

      I'll heed Lottas advice and make this my last post on that OT subject.
      (Should you want to pursue it in [NTO] I'll follow you there.

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