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6866Re: [NH] A Tags INOP in MSIE, But OK in Firefox

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  • Rudolf Horbas
    Jun 8, 2010
      Hi Ray,

      must run, can't dig into deeper into this right now, but here's a hint:
      It's got to do with the IE zone model: IE thinks your local PC is more
      dangerous than a website.
      Try to search for "mark of the web" and you'll be fine.

      Cost me quite some time and a few grey hairs (CD production).


      > To All,
      > For nearly two years now, the A tags on just one of the pages of the mirror of
      > my website on my local PC do not respond when the hyperlink is clicked in
      > MSIE. The A tags all work normally in Firefox. I thought the problem would
      > resolve when I upgraded to newer version of the browsers, but it persists in
      > MSIE 8.0. I am now migrating to a new PC running Win7 Pro 64bit. The machine
      > is very new and is lightly loaded, therefore, I have had little opportunity to
      > corrupt the operating system or the browsers, yet the problem persists.
      > To avoid any possible error being introduced by code in the rest of the page,
      > I have stripped it down to the three lines you see below my signature. Those
      > three lines are the total content of the web page called "gallry01.htm". That
      > page and the page called "hubble01.htm" are both in the same folder.
      > When I click on "test" in the Firefox browser, the hubble01.htm page opens
      > normally. When I click on "test" in MSIE, I get no reaction of any kind --
      > not even an error message. When I hover over "test" in MSIE, I can see the
      > correct path and file name in the status bar
      > (file///D:/asterism/gallery/hubble01.htm).
      > Note that the spelling of "gallery" omits the letter "e" when it is used in
      > the file name but the letter "e" is retained in the folder name.
      > The online version of these web pages works normally in both browsers. To see
      > this normal operation in context, please visit www.asterism.org and click
      > "Photo Gallery". The photo of the Hubble team is the first image in the
      > gallery. You can see the complete markup by right-clicking "View Source" on
      > gallry01.htm in the right-hand frame.
      > Please tell me why MSIE is unable to render gallry01.htm.
      > Thank you for your help.
      > Ray Shapp
      > ***complete content of web page follows after one blank line***
      > <html>
      > <a href="hubble01.htm" target="_blank">test</a>
      > </html>
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