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6786Re: [NH] Working with frame sets...

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  • Axel Berger
    Mar 1, 2010
      Greg Chapman wrote:
      > Even more reason for recommending that any new project should be done
      > to a HTML4.01 STRICT doctype then! (i.e. No Frames!)

      Not quite. <FRAME> and <FRAMESET> are alowed neither in strict nor in
      transitional but only in frameset. I do not use strict myself, because I
      insist on being able to use tags like <CENTER> and attributes like ALIGN
      for a little minimal styling in browsers without CSS support - I test my
      pages in Netscape 4.8. But apart from that I adhere to the strict rules
      even if not binding myself to them.

      Apart from that I wholeheartedly agree about frames. The resize exremely
      badly with the window size and they make it impossible to bookmark
      relevant pages, both hurting the visitor very much. Even if not using
      SSI, Notetab makes it extremely easy to do the same change in a whole
      bunch of pages in one go, thus invalidating the main reason for them.

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