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6759RE: [NH] Regular Expressions (was OK, thanks...)

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  • John Shotsky
    Jan 13, 2010
      There is also a notetab clips Yahoo group which is very helpful, and has a lot of clips available for download.


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      Subject: [NH] Regular Expressions (was OK, thanks...)

      Yep, this is a very helpful group!

      One more thing that may help your general understanding of regular expressions, which as others have said is an
      especially powerful editing tool. A tutorial:


      Excerpt (this is important): "There are a few variations in regular expression syntax between different tools that use
      them. Some tools add enhanced capabilities that are not available everywhere. In general, for the simplest cases, this
      tutorial will use examples based around grep or sed [both Linux programs]. For a few more exotic capabilities, Perl or
      Python examples will be chosen. For the most part, examples will work anywhere; but check the documentation on your own
      tool for syntax variations and capabilities."

      A working knowledge of regular expressions will make you an editor to be reckoned with in ANY context!

      Best wishes,
      Jeff Seager

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      > You have all been very helpful.
      > I will now retreat and study all this.
      > Thank you for your assistance.
      > Ayla

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