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6743Re: [NH] How do I search and replace (delete) all these?

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  • Rudolf Horbas
    Jan 12, 2010
      Am Di, 12.01.2010, 17:13 schrieb ayla_z:
      > I have a file with hundred of line items to delete
      > where the ? are in the line below they each have
      > completely different information..
      > <li>???????????????????help </li>
      > Is there a way to tell NoteTabPro 4.5 to delete everything
      > that starts with "<li>" and ends with "help </li>"

      That's very simple:
      Edit -> Replace:
      ^\<li\>.*help \<\/li\>$


      with Regular Expression checked.

      The expression above produces a blank line.
      If you also want the whole line deleted, try:
      ^\<li\>.*help \<\/li\>\r\n


      ^\<li\>.*help \<\/li\>\n

      depending on the line endings in your file.

      I can't test the expression myself right now, but it should work OK.

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