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6731Re: [NH] Just learning HTML, wanting to follow XHTML rules

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  • loro
    Jan 2, 2010
      Cary wrote:
      >fo2resthawkins wrote
      > >I posted this in basic group, but perhaps it belongs here.
      > > I notice notetab pro does not generate XHTML 'proper' code. As a newbie I
      > > would like to write what is considered proper code. Is there a relatively
      > > easy way to modify what NT generates?

      >I just use html. Even the next standard looks to be HTML 5 rather than XHTML
      >2. All people are doing when they use xhtml is basically serving mangled
      >html, because they are serving their xhtml as though it were html.

      Amen sista! (And now they'll flog us :-P)

      Anyhow, you can change if Notetab uses HTML or XHTML tags at View |
      Options |HTML Files --> Create XHTML Tags.

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