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    Dec 5, 2009
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      Ray wrote:
      >I'm not sure how or where to add pseudo-classes. That's why I asked whether
      >they go into the style sheet or into the web page (or a little of both).

      They are CSS, so in your style sheet.

      >I said, "I get a warning that says the alink attribute is proprietary to
      >Netscape or Internet Explorer.", and Lotta replied, "That doesn't
      >make sense."
      >OK, here is the offending line (next below). I want to replace everything
      >except "<body>" with the equivalent CSS.

      Still isn't proprietary but, as said, not allowed in Strict. But I
      see below that you use Transitional, so nothing wrong with it at all.
      The HTML validates without errors.

      > As you can see above, when the page was all HTML without any
      >CSS, the alink was last in sequence.

      Yeah, but that's HTML. The order is of no importance.

      >Yes, I would like to provide for
      >link-visited-focus-hover-active. Please give me an example.

      a:link { color:red; background: inherit }
      a:visited { color: green; background: inherit }
      a:hover { color: white; background: red }

      ....and so on. You just add them one after the other. But in the right order!

      >I'll gladly include here the web page and my best current effort at producing
      >a style sheet. I've already used this style sheet for a few other pages, but
      >even my recently updated pages have the plain vanilla anchor tags without any
      >CSS treatment of the links. The web page follows the style sheet below.

      Yeah, but the link rules you posted before isn't in that style sheet.
      Nothing at all about links there.

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