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    Dec 5, 2009
      Ray Shapp wrote:
      >When I use HTML Validator v0.8.5.8 in Firefox v3.5.5, I get a warning that
      >says the alink attribute is proprietary to Netscape or Internet Explorer.

      That doesn't make sense.

      >As a
      >result, Tidy also says my Doctype statement doesn't agree with content which
      >appears to be HTML proprietary. The suggestion is that I use CSS.

      Well, if you use Strict doctype you can't have those attributes in
      the BODY tag.

      >I have adapted a style sheet which is included below. I also have found info
      >about pseudo-classes in the CSS Reference from Web Design Group. It says:
      > A:link { color: red }
      > A:active { color: blue; font-size: 125% }
      > A:visited { color: green; font-size: 85% }

      >After appending these pseudo-classes to my style sheet, none of the
      >take on the color and sizes shown above.

      The WDG has actually made a little mistake (that's a first!). The
      order should be link-visited-focus-hover-active. The :active rule
      will be overridden by the :visited rule with the order above. A
      visited link that's in the active state is still visited and when two
      selectors are otherwise equal, the last one wins. That doesn't
      explain that nothing shows up though. Could you possible link to a
      sample page? When things are out of context it's hard to know what's wrong.

      BTW are you sure you don't want :hover rather than :active (or maybe both)?

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