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6655Re: [NH] Forcing a "tool tip" line break in FireFox

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    Sep 8, 2009
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      Interviewed by CNN on 8/9/2009 14:35, Greg Chapman told the world:
      > It took me a large number of years before I finally came to terms with
      > the fact that TIDY is not a validator, but spends most of its time
      > just prettying code, not checking that it conforms to standards.

      Yeah, it's not a real validator, although it can work as a
      quick-and-dirty first-pass sanity check -- it doesn't get everything,
      but it will get a lot, and it works almost instantaneously (from inside
      NoteTab, yet), so it's very useful for the early debugging stages.

      My procedure is roughly this:

      Edit code.
      Check Tidy error log.
      If errors found
      reload pre-Tidy code
      GOTO TOP
      Save "Tidied" code.
      Check code in a validator.
      If errors found
      GOTO TOP
      Beer time!

      Hard disk is burning:(A)utodestroy,(C)ry baby,(S)uicide?
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