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6626Re: [NH] Open a Folder of PDF files

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  • Ray Shapp
    Jun 1, 2009
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      To All,

      I didn't receive any response to my question of May 25th. Here's an alternate
      way of asking the same question: How can I use HTML (with or without CSS) to
      allow a user the option to open or download all twelve PDF files with a single
      click or allow a user to open or download only a few selected PDF files with a
      series of clicks without the need for my storing all the documents both as
      stand-alone PDF files and again with all twelve documents combined into a
      single PDF file?

      Ray Shapp

      ***originally sent 5/25/2009***

      To All,

      I edit a club's monthly newsletter which is posted online as a single PDF
      file. I'm considering for the future, posting the dozen or so articles and
      "departments" as separate PDF files in a single folder each month. One of the
      PDF files would contain just the standard masthead and a table of contents
      with links to each of the other files in that folder.

      Besides hyperlinks (with or without images), what other HTML elements should I

      Since this will be an entirely new format for our members, I would appreciate
      hearing your opinions and suggestions for implementing this "thing". I'm not
      sure it should be called a newsletter any more because it will not have
      consecutively numbered pages from one to the final page. It will not be
      downloadable with a single click. Some of the articles could contain as many
      as ten pages, and others would be a short blurb that would not fill a single
      page if printed. The design, therefore, needs to incorporate an unambiguous
      way to cite particular passages in a lengthy article. I'm not sure how to do
      that other than by citing the name of the article and the date associated with
      the folder.

      I currently provide a TXT file with text only (no graphics or formatting) for
      our members who don't have broadband internet. My plan is to collect the text
      from all the separate PDF files and post that as a single TXT file each month.

      Have you implemented any kind of periodical like this? Can you cite any

      Thank you for your help.

      Ray Shapp
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