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6617Re: [NH] MSIE View Source Doesn't Use NoteTab

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    May 9, 2009
      Ray Shapp wrote:
      >I used the browser's Tools > Internet Options > Programs tab to change the
      >browser's HTML editor to notepad, but the browser still uses its own editor
      >for showing the HTML text.

      That doesn't change the program used for View Source. It changes the
      editor used when you click the Edit button. I don't know about IE8,
      but in IE6 and earlier Edit is on the button bar (or what's it
      called, the one with the Refresh button) and you may have to
      configure it to show that button).

      For changing View Source editor, try this. I don't know if it works
      with IE8, but it's a tiny freebie, so worth a try.

      BTW didn't Notetab have a clip or something to make IE use it for
      View Source? I've always been fine with Notepad for that, so I don't remeber.

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