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  • Jeff Scism
    Apr 8 7:46 AM
      I changed my default to .htm instead of .txt, because most of what I do
      is html pages. You can do that in View> Options> General Tab. I set mine
      to "%0.3d.htm"

      Axel Berger wrote:
      > hsavage wrote:
      > > To show properly in the browser it must be a complete html
      > > page, headers and all.
      > Not so. I just tried this simple minded example:
      > <H1>This</H1>
      > <P>
      > will be
      > </P><BLOCKQUOTE>
      > displayed.
      > </BLOCKQUOTE>
      > and it was displayed in my browser without saving beforehand. The
      > only requirement is, it must be edited as NoName01.htm and NOT the
      > default NoName01.txt. In my setup I get this through "New Web Page"
      > but I believe the default for this command writes headers and all.
      > Anyway, you can try it by using an empty <anyname>.htm and playing
      > with that.
      > Axel
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      Jeffery G. Scism, IBSSG


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