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6599Re: [NH] Newbie questions

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  • Axel Berger
    Apr 7, 2009
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      ubacanuba wrote:
      > Is there any way to view the html within Notetab Pro so I don't
      > have to keep going out to the web to paste it into a viewer?

      You never need to paste anything. In your browser <open file> the page
      you're editing. In the editor you only need to <save> every once in a
      while and refresh in the browser. No pasting, no reopening, just

      It gets even easier, but I'm short on details here, as my own icon bars
      are heavily customized. In the options <View><Options><Internet> you can
      choose a main and a secondary browser (click the triple dot key). Now if
      I remember correctly "open in main browser" and "open in secondary
      browser" are two icons in the default main icon bar. Just click on those
      at any time and review the current state of your edit.

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