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  • sisterscape
    Feb 2, 2009
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      I second your assessment. I too was confused as to why a line break was needed as their use can badly break text on a webpage.

      --- On Mon, 2/2/09, Greg Chapman <gregchapmanuk@...> wrote:
      > I am confused by your question. You say you want to force a
      > line break
      > with the <br> tag, but complain that the <pre>
      > tag forces a line
      > break. There must be more to this problem that you have
      > stated so far.
      > (The <pre> tag is intended for certain kinds of text
      > where lines
      > endings are key, e.g. program code or poetry.)
      > One problem with forced line breaks, using <br>, is
      > that if a
      > visitor's window is narrower than the one you design
      > the page for
      > then, on their machine, text can appear very broken with
      > alternate
      > short lines, caused by the forced breaks.
      > For the text of an essay it would be normal to place each
      > paragraph
      > within <p> tags. Browsers will then wrap the text
      > within the block
      > that contains the <p> tag, often this would be the
      > full width of the
      > visitor's window, whatever its size, but possibly
      > narrower depending
      > on what tags the <p> is contained in.
      > Perhaps you have a page with an absolutely positioned image
      > on it.
      > That can create problems for wrapping text. To help we need
      > to see the
      > file. Either use one of the links above or upload the file
      > to your
      > site and povide a URL so that others can visit it.
      > It may be better to follow up your question on the HTML
      > list, if your
      > initial question turns out to have been inappropriate.
      > Greg
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