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6583Re: [NH] Image Displays in FF But Not In MSIE

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  • Michael Rawley
    Jan 22, 2009
      Hi Ray,

      Many of the points have already been covered, but here are a few more:

      Title==Should be informative and snappy. It is the name under which a
      user saves your web page. Make it informative when the user sees it in
      his/her folder. Your page appears to be a template for other pages.

      Meta (description and keywords)== Either fill these in or leave out
      altogether. Search engine robots use these to find out what your web
      site is about, so they have their uses.

      Body tag== These attributes are better put into a cascading style sheet.
      See www.normist.co.uk for a web authoring course.

      img== the url of your logo is wrong. If you mean to up one folder level.
      use '../' Note the two dots. I agree with what has been said about
      spaces. If you must make it look as though there are spaces, use the
      underscore character like_this.

      Paragraph head== is not part of a paragraph. Use <h2></h2> to <h6><?h6>

      br and hr tags== should be <br /> and <hr /> . They are a self-closing
      tags, called empty tags, as is the img tag!

      small tag== I must admit that I thought this was deprecated, but it is
      quite correct.

      Hope these thoughts help.


      Michael Rawley.
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