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6571Re: [NH] XHTML rant WAS: Re: centering image for all monitors

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  • Axel Berger
    Jan 9, 2009
      loro wrote:
      > there would be a lot of blank pages on the web and most
      > authors would quickly revert to HTML and the blessings
      > of the error handling HTML parsers are so richly equipped
      > with.

      I would consider that as a huge advantage over current affairs. Now
      there is all kinds of junk all over the place and if it isn't
      displayed, people blame their browser. More importantly and worse,
      if you go and complain to the junk merchants, they have the gall to
      tell you everyone else was satisfied and that it must be your fault.
      And of course, if all browsers gave error messages instead of
      guessed at approximate renderings our life would be easier and we'd
      not need to employ all those extra validating tools and would not
      get caught out by those easily overlooked little mistakes, that
      happen not to show up when trying things out in the few browsers and
      versions we happen to have at our disposal.

      Life would become harder for all thise idiots out there refusing to
      take care and not trying to do a good rather than botched job, but I
      don't see how that would be bad.

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