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6565Re: [NH] centering image for all monitors

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  • Axel Berger
    Jan 8, 2009
      Greg Chapman wrote:
      > These days my own sites use HTML4 STRICT

      A good choice. A few words about why I have chosen differently. For
      myself I absolutely see no point whatsoever in updating working and
      well set-up software (and hardware for that matter) every five
      minutes unless it brings genuine new capabilities that I consider
      worth it. So I've made absolute backwards compatibility my second
      priority, right after validity. Unless a main part of my content
      can't be shown in an old version in principle, like images and video
      in a pure text browser, I want to make it as good as possible for
      even the oldest and most basic browsers there were and I still check
      everything in Netscape 4.8.
      Now, when there is no CSS capability, a few ALIGN="" tags and such
      can make a lot of difference. If they and CSS are both present and
      in conflict, then CSS takes precedence, so they won't hurt. For that
      I need to stick to TRANSITIONAL, but I try to go beyond strict only

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