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6561Re: [NH] centering image for all monitors

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  • MotoMania
    Jan 8, 2009
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      Sorry if I came across as preaching about nesting tables but it's an
      easy way to get lost in layouts.

      Glad that got things started. I try to stay W3C XHTML 1.1 and CSS
      standard with any sites that I create or update. Once you get your head
      around working with div's for layout, you create some interesting stuff.

      Good on ya for keeping your brain occupied and being creative. I use PHP
      quite a bit in websites. Building modules like menus, footers, etc.
      using various variables such as userlevels, etc. and then just include
      the correct menu/file/etc. I love the fact that I can edit one line in
      one file that is used in hundreds/thousands of pages instead of editing
      hundreds/thousands of pages for a one line change. Even with the great
      search and replace functionality of NTB, it's just much simpler to do a
      quick edit and be done.


      Edward wrote:
      > Mick
      > I have purloined you page for the present. Looks like what the boss wants.
      > I will be making changes as I go, but I may stay with your tables until I
      > get to working with divs. I have used tables within tables and in fact just
      > about every you that you can use tables but I quit making pages several
      > years ago and not only lost out on keeping up with the changes, but at 80+
      > years my brain has lost some of its abilities but it still does pretty
      > good.
      > Thanks for your help. I will be working with divs. May have to go find the
      > latest cightml book.
      > Ed
      > Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves
      > for they shall never cease to be amused.
      > -- Unknown
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