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6554Re: [NH] centering image for all monitors

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    Jan 7, 2009
      Interviewed by CNN on 8/1/2009 01:40, Edward told the world:
      > I am having trouble getting an image to center after putting a table with the links ot other pages on the left side of the page. I have managed on my computer to center the statement beneath the image. You can see what I have on the web at this address:
      > http://home.comcast.net/~ebrown1927/Weatherford/home.html The picture and the statement was centered until I put the links on the left side, that is where the owner wants the links, and then both the picture and statement moved to the right. I have the statement now centered on my computer but not on the web yet. But I have not been able to get the picture to move left any amount, except it will move all the way over next to the links. I want them centered below the top or opening statement which is the title of the home page. When I try to use absolute postioning the postion appears to change with monitor size. I must not be doing something right.
      I didn't actually analyze your code, and there are probably (almost
      certainly) better ways to do this, but one quick hack is to place on the
      right a transparent box of the same size as the links box you use. This
      will have the effect of balancing your design.

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