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  • hsavage
    Dec 8, 2008
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      Edward wrote:
      > I just looked in NoteTab.ini and could not find where you set up your
      > choice of browser in the browser and other browser. My "other browser"
      > works great but I cannot view the HTML in the "browser" It should be
      > Internet Explorer but it will not work. I would like to see how it is
      > setup when I make the choice of the firt browser.
      > Thanks
      > Ed Brown


      The, more or less, default way to choose which browsers are used is by
      editing the
      file 'browsers.dat' in NoteTab's main folder. If you examine that file
      you can see the
      method used. If you need more entries than are already in the file just
      copy and paste
      multiple entries into browsers.dat, edit the name in the brackets and
      the appropriate
      paths in each sections and most browsers can be used with 'F8' and
      Shift+F8, that is,
      'View in browser' and 'Other browsers'.

      As of now I have six browsers to choose from, had 7 before I uninstalled
      the 'Chrome' browser.

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