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  • Edward
    Dec 8, 2008
      I think this problem is in the path for the choosing the browser. The
      browser by itself works great. When I select it I get this error message
      "This application has failed to start because iertutil.dll was not found.
      Since I do not get that error when I select IE I believe this is trying to
      select my browser from the C: . That drive is corrupted and I know use the
      E: drive. I just need to tell it to select the IE browser on the E: drive.

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      > Edward wrote:
      >> I just looked in NoteTab.ini and could not find where you set up your
      >> choice of browser in the browser and other browser. My "other browser"
      >> works great but I cannot view the HTML in the "browser" It should be
      >> Internet Explorer but it will not work. I would like to see how it is
      >> setup when I make the choice of the firt browser. Thanks
      >> Ed Brown
      > Ed, from my Help file and it's been years since I had to worry about this:
      > "Options | Internet
      > This tab is not displayed if the "Show HTML Features" has been unchecked!
      > Main Browser: Leave this field blank if you want NoteTab to use your
      > default browser. If you want to use Internet Explorer, entering
      > "IExplore" (without the quotes) should be enough. If it doesn't start
      > the browser, you can click on the Browse button [...] to find the
      > browser program file. To launch Opera, enter "Opera"; to launch
      > Mozilla, enter "Mozilla"; to launch.Netscape 4.x (or older), enter
      > Netscape; to launch Netscape 6.x, enter "Netscp6". You can customize
      > the way a browser is launched by editing the Browsers.dat file. You
      > can force a browser to launch in a maximized state by putting a "+"
      > character in front of the browser criteria (e.g., +IExplore)..."
      > Thanks! :)
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