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6539Re: [NH] browser problems

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  • Ian C. Purdie
    Dec 8 7:36 PM
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      Edward wrote:
      > I just looked in NoteTab.ini and could not find where you set up your choice of browser in the browser and other browser. My "other browser" works great but I cannot view the HTML in the "browser" It should be Internet Explorer but it will not work. I would like to see how it is setup when I make the choice of the firt browser. Thanks
      > Ed Brown

      Ed, from my Help file and it's been years since I had to worry about this:

      "Options | Internet

      This tab is not displayed if the "Show HTML Features" has been unchecked!

      Main Browser: Leave this field blank if you want NoteTab to use your
      default browser. If you want to use Internet Explorer, entering
      "IExplore" (without the quotes) should be enough. If it doesn't start
      the browser, you can click on the Browse button [...] to find the
      browser program file. To launch Opera, enter "Opera"; to launch
      Mozilla, enter "Mozilla"; to launch.Netscape 4.x (or older), enter
      Netscape; to launch Netscape 6.x, enter "Netscp6". You can customize
      the way a browser is launched by editing the Browsers.dat file. You
      can force a browser to launch in a maximized state by putting a "+"
      character in front of the browser criteria (e.g., +IExplore)..."

      Thanks! :)

      Ian C. Purdie - VK2TIP
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