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6534Bug in NotePro 5.7

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  • Axel Berger
    Nov 21, 2008
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      "Don - HtmlFixIt.com" wrote:
      > how do I modify a clip bar button function

      Trying to reply to that question I hit what looks like a serious bug in
      the program. I have just filed the following report to support on the

      Dear Sirs,

      I use my own modified clips and my own modified clipbar. While the
      former are always tinkered with, I have not touched the latter for quite
      some time. I just noticed a very serious bug:
      When I right-click on a clipbar icon and choose "button properties" the
      whole computer freezes totally. Not even <Ctrl><Alt><Del> do anything
      anymore. Obviously this does not help in trying to get to the bottom of
      the problem.
      What I have done is install one of the sample clipbars that came with
      the last update and try the same right-click there -- with identical

      If you can't replicate the problem, I could zip the whole folder, upload
      it, and send you the link. Or just tell me which (.ini) files you need.

      The version is 5.7 pro and the OS is Win98SE. All libraries and settings
      reside inside the NoteTab program folder.

      Axel Berger

      Is it just me or can anyone confirm?
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