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6513Re: [NH] Few Fonts and most very strange

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  • Edward
    Nov 9, 2008
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      From: "Axel Berger" <Axel-Berger@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2008 7:17 PM
      Subject: Re: [NH] Few Fonts and most very strange

      > As far as I know NoteTab has no fonts. The Windows fonts you used before
      > were in your %windir% in the folder /fonts/ and had extensions of *.ttf
      > and *.fon. Just grab all those and copy them over into the appropriate
      > folder of Vista, whatever that may be, and you should be there.
      You drove me back to my new computer and after booting it up, I went to
      Notepad and all the old fonts and some new ones are there. Then I tried
      Wordpad and it has the strange ones that I saw in NoteTab. But Wordpad has
      all the old ones and more than notepad has. Then I tried Microsoft Works
      Word Processor and it seems to have even more fonts than the other two. It
      seems that all the fonts may very well be somewhere on the OS but the
      programs that use fonts seem to pick and choose the fonts that they will
      offer one to use. So...............

      > And you might want to switch your conservatism and progressivenees. I
      > stick to good old Win98SE myself, but NoteTab 5.7 really is better than
      > 4.95 was and well worth the few bucks.

      Not even worth a few bucks when I will not be using it that much and
      NoteTab Pro did well for me all this time. And still does well it even if
      the fonts that it has are limited to one or two fonts I can use. I did not
      really want Vista, it is a very troubled OS on a 32 machine. Seems to work
      really well on a 64 machine. But my old computer died, it was noisy and
      had little memory. As I work more with Photoshop and images than I do with
      HTML these days I need the added memory that the new machine has and it is
      very quite also, hardly can hear it running. But it is limited to 3 gigs
      while the newer 64 machines are almost unlimited in the memory one can
      install. At least up to around 12 gigs. Of course in a few years if things
      keep going, that will not be enough for some of the new apps coming along.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer. Appreciate all the help I can get.
      > Axel
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