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  • Axel Berger
    Nov 9, 2008
      Bob Gorman wrote:
      > I share your contempt for Windows. But How do I fix it?

      Ignore that, it was a snide remark and not very nice. When the charset
      is wrong the validator stops right there and tells you no more. So I had
      to use its "try this set instead" option and had to guess which one --
      Windows default was the obvious choice.

      > Most of the errors seem to have come from using the Table Wizard.
      > Is it more illusive that the Wizard in "Alice in Wonderland"?

      Possibly, I haven't looked. Unfortunately my best HTML tutorial and
      syntax lookup is in German - hopefully the others here can suggest
      something for you.
      I use my own very heavily edited set of clips, but I believe the default
      ones in NoteTab contain a lot of old deprecated and non-standardized

      Some will say that insisting on valid code is over the top purism, but
      when things don't act as you expect them to, finding some elusive hidden
      syntax error can take ages. I have found that eliminating all those and
      ensuring valid HTML and valid CSS first and then going after my own
      faulty logic about how stuff should behave is the fastest and easiest
      way to get results.

      Your main problem is that the headers sent by the server take precedence
      over your own META headers in the code, so you need to make the server
      switch those off. The line I quoted is from one of my own .htaccess
      files. It ought to work. With that off the META declaration will be used
      and that should be what you actually use in your files. For NoteTab and
      Windows this is NOT iso 8859-1 by the way, it nearly is but not quite.
      You may never actually use the € sign, but why not declare the correct
      set anyway?

      Purism and fussiness is for lazy people like me, it makes life so much

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